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Youth Action for Haiti, Inc. is federally recognized under IRS Section 501(c)(3) and maintains as an Iowa non-profit corporation.  Its organizing documents provide that it is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes.  





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How you can donate and help OUR Cause


Youth Action for Haiti focuses on community development through enrolling more children in primary education, providing a clean water well and agricultural opportunities to outlying areas, and creating meaningful employment for the people of Maliarette.  We need your help in making this happen through your contributions. Located along National Route 3, Maliarette is a community located approximately 150 kilometers north of Port-au-Prince in the Nord Department of Haiti.  Home to about 2,500 residents, Maliarette is the focus of Youth Action for Haiti’s mission.


Sponsorship and Education Fund

There are many children who do not attend primary school and need sponsors.  For $40 per month, Youth Action for Haiti can provide tuition for the child, plus a uniform and lunch.


Capital Projects

Completion of the Cassava (a foodstuff made from Manioc) factory will provide employment, a much-needed source of revenue, and nutrition for the children.  Other projects of pressing importance include completion of a new classroom at the Emile Durkheim Christian School, the drilling of an additional well with pumping and purification equipment and a school bus.  Rounding out the current need is the purchase of classroom equipment.



Goats are a vital part of the community’s economy.  $60 will purchase a young goat for families.  Goats are intelligent and interesting animals that are quick to learn and fun to raise. Raising a goat is good for food and small farm businesses. Goats help achieve nutritional goals by their fresh milk produced. Goat manure is also great for fertilizing our fields. Social animals, goats are easy to train and easy to handle even by children. Inexpensive to maintain, they are an opportunity for better financial stability. Goats are provided by assistance through microloans and other micro-projects.  


General Donations

There are a variety of expenses that come up throughout the year and your donation will be used by Youth Action for Haiti in support of the overall mission objectives.



Know that your donations are being carefully managed and distributed per your request.  Quarterly reports of the all finance activity and fund distribution will be available to you on request.


Finally, a note about transaction fees.  Credit card companies charge approximately 3% of the transaction.  You have the option of offsetting those fees should you so choose.


On behalf of the Youth Action for Haiti board, we thank you for your donations to the future of Maliarette,


Paul Appolon Elysée

President and CEO of Youth Action for Haiti

Pignon, Haiti


Sara Anderson


Youth Action for Haiti US

Johnston, Iowa, USA


Jim Blackburn

VP of Operations

Youth Action for Haiti US

Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA

ways you can donate:


Youth Action for Haiti

PO BOX 680  

Clarks Summit, PA 18411